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A great landscape begins with a plan. Although the immediate focus may be on a portion of the property, the best results require consideration of the whole property and the surrounding neighborhood. David Neufeld's design consultation begins with a visit and a conversation. After walking the site and listening to the client, he offers both conceptual and concrete ideas about where the plan might develop. This may involve sketches; it certainly involves descriptions of how the landscape would be changed and improved.

The second step, if desired, is to work up a proposal plan on paper. This is a drawing of the landscape which includes the major physical features existing and proposed. The goal of the proposal plan is to enable the client to clearly see what the project involves, what materials and work are required, and in many instances, how much it will cost.

A third step can be requested in which a detailed plan in drawn which notes every detail necessary for the clients to do the work themselves.

David Neufeld has worked with homeowners, building contractors and architects, prior, during, and after construction. There is a great advantage of having a landscape plan before a lot is cleared for construction. In many instances, thousands of dollars in landscape costs are saved through the efficient use of construction and excavating hours. It is also possible to determine what trees and contours need to be undisturbed during construction so that the house feels well planted when the carpenters leave.

Lastly, the planning process is fun. It is the place where your dream of where you will live or work takes the first step towards reality.

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